5 Perfect and Unexpected Host Gifts for Holiday Parties

by Christie Brydon December 12, 2016

5 Perfect and Unexpected Host Gifts for Holiday Parties

“Never arrive empty-handed,” they say. For every dinner party or late-night soiree, there are (hopefully) a slew of hostess gifts. Chances are, most of them will be scented candles. What is it about jasmine scent that makes us think, “thank you”? Get creative with your gifting this year.


INCENSE: Ignite a twist on the candle theme with another burnable item: incense. An elegant tray and a box of Nag Champa serve well to warm the home and promote harmony. Traditionally, cedar and sandalwood served to cleanse the home, much like burning sage.


BREAKFAST: The morning after the party, you can expect the hosts to be sleeping off a late night of dishes. Why not give them a present they’ll appreciate long after you leave? Order a coffee delivery for the next morning, or gift them pastries the night before. When they awaken to a messy house and remember there are blueberry muffins waiting on the counter, they’ll be thanking you.


DISPOSABLE TABLEWARE: You remember the hors d’oeuvres, the extra chairs, the playlist—but you forgot paper plates. They’re a crucial item to any big gathering (especially if you don't have a dishwasher), but they’re not something we often have on hand. Gift your host a pretty set of paper plates or witty cocktail napkins, either for use that night, or to save for their next shindig. You can bet on getting an invite!


DESSERT: Need a sweet way to say thanks? Wrap a bow around a single-origin dark chocolate bar or a box of truffles. Browse the Chococurb shop for a unique collection, filtering by cacao percentage or ingredients to find the right flavor for your host. Or give the gift of discovery with one month to Chococurb Nano. A curated box of sample-size fine chocolates will arrive to their door. From top-selling local brands to international finds, these high-quality bites will surprise and delight in a month’s time.


WINE CHARMS: Ever cleaned up from the night and found twice as many dirty cups as you had guests? Over time, everyone’s bound to forget a glass somewhere or switch to another drink. The more people leave them behind, the more you have to wash. Help out by bringing wine charms for the many guests.


The best gift of all is being a gracious guest—but hey, a wrapped present never hurt!


Christie Brydon
Christie Brydon


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