What's in Your Chocolate? (How to Choose a Chocolate Bar)

by Sarah Benner

What's in Your Chocolate? (How to Choose a Chocolate Bar)

When you're in the grocery store staring at the endless array of options, how do you choose quality chocolate?  By price?  Cocoa percentage?  Label color?  

Here's an easy way to help you choose:

Step 1: Turn the bar over.

Step 2:  Read the ingredients.

Though this may seem simple, it can make all the difference in terms of taste.  Chocolate often gets compared to wine for a reason—minimal ingredients produce the best flavors.  If the only flavor you taste in your chocolate is sugar, then you're missing out on how great real, high-quality chocolate can be.  

So what needs to be in a bar of real, high-quality chocolate?

Cocoa mass (also called cocoa liquor)
Sugar (not really necessary, but chocolate certainly tastes better with it)!

    Optional Ingredients:

    Vanilla (beware of its artificial cousin, vanillin)
    Emulsifier (soy and sunflower lecithin are commonly used)
    Milk powder
    Fruit, nuts, spices

      If the ingredient list of chocolate you're interested in contains any of the following, put it back and try something else:  

      Sugar (when listed as the first ingredient)
      Cocoa powder
      Artificial coloring or flavoring
      Any oils other than cocoa butter
      Corn syrup
      Partially hydrogenated oils (trans fats)

        At Chococurb, we're dedicated to sourcing real, high-quality chocolate that preserves the natural flavors of cacao beans.  Within our shop, we've even listed the ingredients for each bar to help make your decision process easier.  

        Now go forth and taste more chocolate!

        Sarah Benner
        Sarah Benner


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        Darell Lewis
        Darell Lewis

        August 03, 2017

        Thank you for doing what you do. Be well.


        December 13, 2016

        Is White Chocolate actually chocolate? I have heard that it is, and that it isn’t.

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