A Slightly Unconventional, Totally Romantic Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

by Christie Brydon February 01, 2017

A Slightly Unconventional, Totally Romantic Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

It’s the most romantic time of year—or at least the most pink, red, and indulgent. You could get your sweetheart a bouquet of red roses, or spend a whole paycheck on a weekend getaway, but there’s something not-so-romantic about an empty bank account. Looking for a twist on the classics? Put in your own spin with these sweet ideas for your significant other.

Groupon for a Decadent Dinner
Valentine’s Day is notoriously difficult for dinner reservations. Crowded restaurants, expensive prix fixe menus, and only having a choice between 4pm and 10pm? Not quite relaxing. Instead, stretch out the romance past one day and find a Groupon for a restaurant you and your plus-one usually wouldn’t be able to fit in the budget. Get dolled up in your finest, splurge on a black-car ride, and enjoy a three-course meal for half the price. You may have to wait until a less-popular night, but that just means you’ll get more privacy, better service, and a smaller bill. Now that’s something to love.

A Cuddle-tastic Blanket
On the other 364 days of the year, your date nights probably look a little less black tie and a little more couchbound. That’s why one of the most meaningful gifts you can give is something you’ll use time and time again. Want something simple? A seriously cozy blanket. Think about it: couples are always game for cuddle time, and you’ll appreciate the warmth every time you cue up Netflix. Just make it a big one—nothing ruins the moment like someone accusing you of being a blanket hog.

Romantic Candles
There’s just something indulgent about candles. Even if you’re chowing down on frozen pizza and Two Buck Chuck, the meal looks downright decadent in a soft candlelit glow. Go sandlewood and musk for something sultry, or gardenia or vanilla for a sweet take. Whether you choose little tea lights or oversized pillar candles, fragrant or unscented, even traditional flame or safer battery-powered, it all translates to romance.

A Monthly Box of Aphrodisiacs
No, it’s not a delivery service for (ahem) adult products. Set up your sweetie with a monthly delivery of sweet, sweet chocolate. Every month, the two of you can taste your way through a variety of high-quality chocolates from all around the world. Set your preferences for dark, milk, or white, and with nuts, fruits, or any other mix-ins. You’ll receive a curated box right at home (or office, or wherever you two lovebirds meet up) and discover extraordinary chocolate.

Christie Brydon
Christie Brydon


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