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Bite of the Week: Seattle Chocolates “Here’s To You” Dark Chocolate Truffle Bar

by Christie Brydon

Bite of the Week: Seattle Chocolates “Here’s To You” Dark Chocolate Truffle Bar

Seattle Chocolates knows that chocolate is “one of life’s fabulous little pleasures.” The company, run by CEO Jean Thompson (also of jcoco fame), focuses on honest ingredients, premium chocolate, and celebrating life. That commitment goes beyond the bar—both Seattle Chocolates and jcoco aim to curb hunger by partnering with local food banks in four major cities across the country. To date, the companies have donated over 1,000,000 servings of fresh food in the Pacific Northwest, Bay Area, New York City, and Boston.


It may be a serious cause, but it’s seriously fun chocolate. Brightly colored packaging wraps around inventive flavors like Pike Place Espresso and Birthday Cake Batter, ranging from simple to surprising. The most celebratory of all, though, is the Seattle Chocolates “Here’s To You” Dark Chocolate Truffle Bar.


Seattle Chocolates “Here’s To You” Dark Chocolate Truffle Bar


Taking the first bite, the dark chocolate truffle melts in a rich wave. It’s full, creamy, and decadent—exactly how a truffle aspires to satisfy. At first, I didn’t get any champagne effect (which would’ve been okay, because the truffle is so delectable), but I pressed my tongue on the roof of my mouth, and suddenly got fireworks! Popping candy perfectly emulates the festive feel of bubbly champagne. Once the fizzy fun starts, it keeps going for a minute in pure delight. There’s no other way to say it: this feels like sparklers dancing inside your mouth. The effect isn’t so explosive that it’s distracting, but it’s incredibly fun.


Overall, the blend of dark and milk chocolate makes for an indulgent creamy chocolate experience, and truffles add body without being too overwhelming. Popping candy adds an incredibly unique effect that makes it a completely celebratory confection. I highly recommend this for a gift, whether for a graduation, job promotion, marriage, or thank you!


Pick up the “Here’s To You” bar and celebrate. Cheers!

Christie Brydon
Christie Brydon


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