Favorite Chocolates Across the Universe

Favorite Chocolates Across the Universe

Have you ever wondered what the most popular chocolate is in each country? Check out these countries’ favorite types of candy—a few of the choices may surprise you (can you guess what America’s favorite chocolate is?) Read on to discover which chocolate steals the show in various countries!

1. Thailand—Kit Kats

This adored chocolate bar is super popular in Thailand, as well as other Asian countries. Each year, the country munches through copious amounts of this sweet treat. After all, who doesn’t love taking a break for Kit Kats?

2. Turkey—Ülker

Have you ever heard of Ülker Chocolate? This chocolate accounts for half of Turkey’s yearly chocolate sales. These bars usually contain wafers, caramel, or nuts and are known for being the most beloved chocolate in Turkey.  

3. China—Dove

Did you know that China is big on chocolate? In 2016, China consumed 220,700 tons of chocolate. Dove chocolate is their number one favorite—it makes up 34% of their total chocolate consumption!

4. Germany—Milka

Originating in Berlin, Milka chocolate bars have been Germany’s top candy since the 1960s. Milka sales amount to a whopping $730 million a year and have even become a beloved treat in America.

5. Brazil—Lacta

For over a hundred years, Lacta has been the top chocolate in Brazil. Their most popular flavors contain cookie chunks and crunchy candy pieces. Feeling hungry yet?

6. South Korea—Ghana Chocolates

Ghana’s chocolate beans come from West Africa, hence the name of the brand.  This chocolate is most popular in South Korea and has a deliciously creamy flavor and texture.

7. Japan—Kit Kat

Japan’s favorite chocolate also happens to be Kit Kats (like Thailand!). Their country’s chocolate is Meiji, which is also bestselling; however, Kit Kats are Japan’s most-loved sweet. Unlike in America, you can find over 80 unique Kit Kat flavors in Japan, including strawberry cheesecake (yum) and wasabi.

8. Belgium—Côte d’Or

Belgium is extremely famous for their chocolate, so we know their favorite chocolate must be very good indeed. Cote d’Or is the most widespread, selling around 600 million chocolates to Belgium a year. One of their flavors consists of caramelized pecans and cranberries—delicious!

9. Canada—Kit Kat

Kit Kat bars are also the most popular in Canada. It looks like Kit Kats might be the winner for most well-liked chocolate in the world!

10. United States—M&Ms

Did you guess correctly? M&Ms for the win! The U.S. buys $673.2 million in M&Ms each year. Hershey’s peanut butter cups (Reese’s) are a close second place. America has a booming chocolate market—the average American eats about 9.5 pounds of chocolate a year.

What’s your favorite chocolate? Comment below!