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Healthy (And Delicious) Chocolates For When You’re Trying to Eat Less Sugar

by Christie Brydon

Healthy (And Delicious) Chocolates For When You’re Trying to Eat Less Sugar

You've probably heard the good news: chocolate is healthy. However, it's a little harder to justify for some bars than others. Oozing bites of caramel? Fat layers of marshmallow? Those might not be worthy of a prescription pad. When you're looking for the right chocolate that boosts health benefits without requiring a full-blown sugar detox afterward, these gems are for you.

Antidote Milk Chocolate 56%
Antidote’s Big Kid Chocolate was crafted to please any palate, but it has a secret: it’s low in sugar. Shh, don’t tell the kids! In 2009, Antidote founder Red Thalhammer set out to create a chocolate bar that took advantage of its antioxidant properties, making it more like food than candy. While its products were all dark chocolate at first, Antidote recently launched two Big Kid Chocolate bars, which are both 56% cacao. Using cacao beans from the Manabi region of Ecuador brings a unique flavor, while an acute sense to detail ensures premium quality.

Marou Ba Ria 76%
Vietnam’s unique label, Marou, cuts straight to the chocolate chase with simple ingredients. A short ingredient list—ocoa butter and cane sugar—makes this a healthier bite. If you’re striving to eat clean, you may have to put caramel-and-coconut dreams on the waitlist for a bit, but luckily, Marou will still give you a chocolate fix. Plus, the bar is gorgeous and petite, so you’re practicing portion control without even trying.

Pitch Dark Jasmine Pearl Matcha Tea and Nib 62%
Just when you thought green tea couldn’t get any healthier, the Western world found out about matcha. The antioxidant-packed green tea powder brews one heck of a healthy cup. Fortunately, Portland’s Pitch Dark chocolate company married matcha with its 62% chocolate so you can enjoy two sources of nutrients in one bite.

Rococo Cardamom Dark Chocolate 65%
Want to spice things up? Savor the health benefits of a powerhouse spice: cardamom. Rococo’s classic dark chocolate is full and bold, so it’d be good even on its own. Adding cardamom gives a complex twist, and people have long used it to aid indigestion and other ailments. And it’s certified organic and fair trade, so it’s beneficial all around

Christie Brydon
Christie Brydon


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