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Indulgent Chocolate and Wine Pairings for a Romantic Date Night

by Christie Brydon

Indulgent Chocolate and Wine Pairings for a Romantic Date Night

Love is in the air. February has us buying thoughtful Valentine's Day gifts and dreaming of candlelit dinners, and we all know the most important part: dessert. Nothing caps off date night like a glass of good wine and a seriously fine chocolate. (Your boo deserves more than a Hershey's kiss, and you know it.) The art of wine pairing can be a tough one to tackle, but lucky for you, we’ve put together a guide of delicious couples to make the most romantic menu. Bon appetit!

Amedei Toscano Red

Syrah + Amedei Toscano Red: With the bursting flavor of a jammy wine, you need a berry-licious bar. Dried strawberries, cherries, and raspberries bring out the sweetness in 70% dark chocolate in the Amedei Toscano Red. This Italian confection is so elegant, it’ll make a nice gift with a bow around it—but the real gift is in the first bite.


Forte White Swan


Pinot Noir + Forte White Swan: Pinot packs a full flavor into a light body, making it a great pair with a substantial chocolate. If you haven’t tried the Forte White Swan yet, you must. Creamy white chocolate stands strong on its own, but this innovative blend of fine espresso gives a complex layer of grounded texture. By cutting the sweetness with a bold kick, the White Swan can stand up to a good glass of red.


Chardonnay + Evolve Floral Truffles: On this indulgent holiday, opt for a decadent dessert. Truffles embody the mood with their creamy, sugary, chocolatey goodness, but this petite two-pack will prevent you from going overboard. Sip on the softer side with a buttery white wine, which will play with the flavors without overwhelming them. The Evolve Floral Truffles comes with one zesty lavender-lemon blend and one sweet guava-rose creation, making it a fun tasting experience.

Mayana Coconut Dream

Cabernet Sauvignon + Mayana Coconut Dream: Want something with an impact? Go bold with a deep Cabernet and an unconventional chocolate bar. Mayana is known for its creative and multi-faceted masterpieces, and its Mayana Coconut Dream bar is no exception. Salted caramel and chewy coconut pair together for a dreamy bite, while sips of that Cab provide a grounding break between the decadence.

Chocolat Moderne Avant Garde Gunsmoke

Rose + Chocolat Moderne Avant Garde Gunsmoke: Sometimes, you just want something sweet. Go full-out with a light and refreshing rose, paired with an easy-on-the-palate milk chocolate. But this is no typical milk. The Chocolat Moderne Avant Garde Gunsmoke is as much a piece of art for the eyes as it is to the mouth, with its modern gridwork, speckled Jackson Pollack appearance, and innovative flavors. Ribbons of caramel get an air of sophistication with a tint of smoky mezcal and sea salt. You’ll truly savor every sip and every bite.


What's the next course after dessert? Adventure, of course. Start planning your trip to these five life-changing chocolate desserts, stat.

Christie Brydon
Christie Brydon


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