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Chocolate Pairings: What to Eat with Tea

Chocolate Pairings: What to Eat with Tea

It happens every day, almost like clockwork. That mid-afternoon energy slump hits a few hours after lunch and the sugar craving comes on. It’s the perfect time for a cup of tea and a piece of chocolate.


Of course, there’s an art to pairing the right chocolate with the right tea. Black tea has tannins (just like wine), and that complexity makes it tough to pair, but rewarding when it finds its match. Herbal teas range from bright and fruity to fragrant and soothing, opening up to a variety of palette-pleasing sweets.


Like coffee, body is key. The fuller the tea—think black and green teas—the darker and more complex the chocolate. With tart teas, like lemon or hibiscus, you can have a little more fun with exotic flavors. Ready to play? Pick a pair.


Green Tea + Dark Chocolate:

The earthy, grassy tones of green tea hit the right note with an equally complex piece of dark chocolate. Strike the best balance with a cup of green tea and Theo Pure 85% Dark Chocolate.


Mint Tea + Caramel-filled Chocolate:

The right chocolate can bring out the sweet, clean flavors in mint tea. There aren’t many bad matches for mint, so have fun with it. Caramel adds body to complement the thin herbal tea. Pair peppermint with TCHO Toffee + Sea Salt.


Earl Grey + Marble Chocolate:

Brew a strong cup of Earl Grey and add milk and sugar to your liking. Find its match with an equally dark and milky bar: 72% chocolate with a layer of caramelized white chocolate in the Dolcetta Artisan Sweets Black and Tan Bar.


Ginger Tea + White Chocolate:

Ginger has quite a kick, so it calls for the soothing creaminess of white chocolate. Drink ginger tea straight (no milk or sugar here) and try Leonidas White Blueberry Batons. The hints of berry provide sweetness alongside the spicy ginger. The afternoon slump is looking up!


Chai Tea + Spiced Chocolate:

To enjoy all the flavors of chai, enhance it with milk and sugar. Spicy-sweet chai needs a spicy-sweet bar, like Rococo Cardamom Dark. It’s dark and sophisticated, so it won’t overpower the tea, but it won’t pale in comparison either.