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Triple Threat: These Chocolate Trios Are Thrice as Nice

by Christie Brydon

Triple Threat: These Chocolate Trios Are Thrice as Nice

They say the third time’s the charm, but with the right combination, so is the first and the second. You can maximize the impact of a great confection by pairing it with delectably complementary matches—and lucky you, we did the work for you. Multi-layered flavors and bold accents make for the ultimate three-course tasting experience. Why not celebrate the upcoming three-day weekend with an unforgettable three-way chocolate trio? Here are our favorite triple threats.



It was an unlikely success when someone paired sea salt and caramel, but the culinary world is forever grateful to that bold pioneer. These days, chocolatiers are adding a modern twist with an additional smoky element. Take the Chocolat Moderne Avant Garde Gunsmoke bar, which amps up caramel-laced milk chocolate with mezcal. Not only is it an artistic masterpiece, seemingly paint-splattered with color on its geometric shape, but the flavors are a league above the standard. Taza adds to the mix with its Taza Toffee, Almond + Sea Salt 60% Dark Stone Ground Chocolate. Crunch into sea salt granules, sweet toffee pieces, and savory almond slivers. For the third course, get ready for a caramel experience. You’ll love the creamy, indulgent bites of Fran’s Gray Salt Caramels in Dark Chocolate.



Neopolitan Trio

Get inspired by the vanilla-strawberry-chocolate trio in your childhood ice cream cone. Start with vanilla: the Menakao 45% Madagascan Vanilla is fudgy and light, with the unique fruity notes of pure Madagascar cacao. Second, strawberry: Get your berry fix in the Seattle Chocolates Whidbey Wildberry Dark Chocolate Truffle Bar. Mix-ins of strawberries and cherries give a fruity burst to this rich, creamy chocolate from the Pacific Northwest. Finish with chocolate: For a simple flavor, go for Antidote Milk + A Hint of Salt. It’s low in sugar (hey, New Year’s resolutions) but full and creamy.



Coconut Trio

We’ve already laid out the tasting notes of these three favorite coconut bars, but it can’t hurt to include ‘em again. Go for high-crunch factor in a lighter-body base in the TCHO Dark Chocolate Coconut Crisp Bar. Like straight-up coconut shreds in the chocolate? You’ll love the purity of the Theo Coconut 70% Dark Chocolate. Or try something different, like the stone-ground texture of Taza Coco Besos Coconut 70% Dark Stone Ground Chocolate. It’s a trio best fit to share with friends, so you can compare notes and go coco loco together.



Experimental Trio

New year, new flavors. To really make the most of a chocolate trio, try three out-of-this-world creations. First up, you’ve never had a bar like the Ethereal Confections 66% Macadamia Nut, Raspberry, Kaffir Lime. Organic 66% cacao chocolate is topped with chewy dried raspberries, crunchy macadamia nut pieces, and laced with zesty kaffir lime. Then up the intensity (but lessen the sweetness) with the Forte White Swan, which stirs finely ground Black Swan Espresso into creamy white chocolate. It’s a melt-in-your-mouth bar that matches the best of ‘em, but the espresso provides a grounding quality that cuts the sweetness, so you can keep going after one bite. Craving a good wine pairing? Finish the trio with the Pitch Dark Pinot Noir Salt + Chocolate. This Portland-based bar takes local Oregon Pinot to elevate its popular 73% chocolate.


Christie Brydon
Christie Brydon


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