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Your Easy, Stress-Free Guide to Holiday Shopping

by Christie Brydon

Your Easy, Stress-Free Guide to Holiday Shopping

December is a busy month. Right after the Thanksgiving leftovers run out, we suddenly run into a packed calendar. Somehow, as the days get shorter, our to-do lists get longer: shopping, decorating, socializing, hosting. Festive lights and holiday celebrations make it all enjoyable, but there’s no doubt that it’d be nice to simplify a few things.


That’s why we’re ready to give presents a makeover. Instead of shlepping to twenty different stores for twenty different people, it’s time to find a one-step process of giving. We’re talking pretty packaging that doesn’t require gift wrap, included shipping that doesn’t require a trip to the post office, and personalization that shows you care. Easy, right?


Think of these simple, stress-free, and wow-factor ideas as our gift to you:


1. HANDMADE ETSY CRAFTS: The wonder of Etsy is that it’s all (duh) made by artists. These crafters, painters, photographers, and multi-talented do-it-all-ers put heart and soul into every item. Even just a quick browse through the site will have you bookmarking countless pages. The best part? So many vendors offer customization, whether it be monogrammed initials, custom icons, or a hand-picked quote. Plus, they often wrap it in their own unique packaging, which means you don’t need to add a layer of generic wrapping paper. Check, check, check.


2. MASSAGE GIFT CERTIFICATE: Sixty minutes of bliss sounds like the ideal present for everyone. Who wouldn’t want that? Plus, massages are the kind of thing that we all want, but can’t often justify spending money on ourselves. All it takes is an easy trip to the parlor (or its website) and—bam—you’ve got shiny envelopes ready for a quick bow and they’re done. If you’re sending it cross-country, it shouldn’t cost any more than a typical stamp.


3. HOME-COOKED MEAL: Or a night of babysitting. Or closet organization. Or editing resumes. Whatever it is you do, make it the gift of time and energy. Yes, people love presents that are shiny or wearable or electronic, but what they really want is something they can’t buy that’ll improve their quality of life. Hand-written IOUs are quick, thoughtful, and loving. No long lines at the mall required.


4. SIX MONTHS OF QUALITY CHOCOLATE: Want to be a true hero? Send a monthly curated box of fine chocolate to your mom, office, or favorite neighbors that always feed your cat when you’re out of town. It’s easy to give Chococurb as a gift—just choose a 1, 3, or 6-month subscription and we’ll take care of the rest. Not only will you rock their world, you’ll also keep getting credit for the gift every time they receive a new shipment. Serious brownie points. (Plus, they may bake you brownies with little chunks of fine chocolate.)

Christie Brydon
Christie Brydon


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