What is Chococurb?

Chococurb is a subscription service helping people discover extraordinary chocolate. We send monthly deliveries of premium, gourmet chocolate to our members, inspiring them to find new favorites.

Leadership Team

Roger Ling, Co-Founder and CEO

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There are two foods Roger would never give up: chocolate and ice cream. He chose to start our business for one of those and since then, he's been utilizing his marketing expertise to build our brand. In addition, he is constantly spending time helping Chococurb connect with potential partners, chocolate lovers, and most importantly, our customers.

More than Work: Roger is a former semi-professional photographer, a yoga enthusiast, and basketball player. He also enjoys spending his time helping others through volunteer work.

Favorite Chocolate: Dolcetta Artisan Sweets Dark Chocolate Pretzel Bar

Kamran Amir Ali, Co-Founder and Advisor

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Kamran has had a sweet tooth since he was born. When he's not eating all of our chocolate, he uses his master Excel skills to make sure our company is successful. With a strong focus on operations, logistics, and details, Kamran is constantly driving efficiency to create a better experience for our customers.

More than Work: Kamran lives and breathes Seattle sports, living vicariously through playing fantasy sports and watching the Mariners as well as the Seahawks. He also loves to read fiction and cook.

Favorite Chocolate: Alma Chocolate Milk Almond Crunch Mini Bar

Nabil Sutjipto, CTO

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The one thing Nabil knows for sure is that, without chocolate he wouldn't know how to relax and be happy. He chose to work on the Chococurb site to help spread the happiness chocolate brings all around the world. Nabil can always be counted on to make our online experience better and get more people to become obsessed with chocolate.

More than Work: Nabil is all about trying new things, so don't be surprised when you find him on a random adventure. He also loves to volunteer on the weekends.

Favorite Chocolate: Divine Chocolate White Chocolate with Strawberries Bar