Welcome to Chococurb

We have always thought of chocolate as being so much more than something people eat. It is an incredible experience, a beautiful discovery meant to be shared. Thus, we are thrilled to announce an exciting new way for people to discover extraordinary chocolate.

Chocolate can be gift, a surprise, or similar to coffee or wine, a luxury or comfort one simply enjoys. Not only can it be healthy, more often, it can make people insanely happy. Those people can be a wife, a daughter, a grandpa, or a son. They can be family, friends, and significant others. They can be anybody.

Ultimately, we created Chococurb because chocolate is a food that improves peoples’ lives and brings them together. While Chococurb is new, we only partnered with the best chocolate makers and chocolatiers in the world, because we wanted to make sure you have an absolutely wonderful experience every time. We realized chocolate is something people already love, so we wanted to add to it, and make it even better. Enjoy!

Always discover extraordinary chocolate,

Kamran and Roger